I am working on a black and white ink drawing on scratch board for my Illustrator’s Heritage class. I have done a few versions of my concept. I am showing the moment in the woods where Vlad the Impaler is selling his soul to Satan in exchange for his immortality. This is only vaguely referred…

The Fall of the House of Usher

I am in a Horror/SciFi/Fantasy Illustration class. We started with the horror genre. Our first assignment was to do a black and white illustration for an Edgar Allen Poe story. From the story options we were given, I chose┬áThe Fall of the House of Usher. As I read the story I worked out a number…

Oil Painting

Let’s start off strong. I am taking a class called Materials and Techniques: Mixed Media. What this means is painting a classmate from reference photos. I chose my friend Colby as he does a weekly podcast and I thought it would be fun to illustrate him as a crazy radio host. He was kind enough…

Illustration and Me

I’m back! For a few years now I have been working my tail off in the illustration program at the Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.) here in New York City. I’ve been painting, drawing (a lot of figure drawing as you will soon see!!!), sculpting and generally honing my skills. The one thing I haven’t…


Todays Urban Sketch. Totems from the airport. A little cheat since I took the photo at the airport and did it from that since it’s raining here.

Urban Sketching Today

Here is my quick sketch from today! It’s down at Lonsdale Quay. We sat at a small table and I drew and then painted away. The black pen ran into the watercolor but I actually think it looks better that way.

Lonsdale Quay

A quick Urban Sketch yesterday. I am in Vancouver, Canada visiting my mom. We sat and had lunch down by the water and I sketched the tugboat.

Three new works

Here are some works from various classes over the past few weeks. First is my final for Principles of Illustration II. It is portraying the sin of greed via Bernie Madoff (scumbag). I’ve posted various stages of this one but this is the final due Monday. Next is the final for my Perspective class. It…

Figure Drawing for Illustrators

My figure drawing class is being taught by Professor John Jay Cabuay. He was the teacher that really ignited my imagination last semester. Our first class assignment was a two color painting in gouache. We did two paintings from models in class, shown below. For homework we took photos of our model and we had…

Just A Quickie

I started the second semester of school two weeks ago. Here is our first assignment in Principles of Illustration 2. We had to find three articles from the news that address one of the seven deadly sins. First is my small rough sketches of a few ideas. Then I blew up the three best ones….