Todays Urban Sketch. Totems from the airport. A little cheat since I took the photo at the airport and did it from that since it’s raining here.

Urban Sketching Today

Here is my quick sketch from today! It’s down at Lonsdale Quay. We sat at a small table and I drew and then painted away. The black pen ran into the watercolor but I actually think it looks better that way.

Lonsdale Quay

A quick Urban Sketch yesterday. I am in Vancouver, Canada visiting my mom. We sat and had lunch down by the water and I sketched the tugboat.

Of Parks and Poses

Yesterday and today were about poses. I spent a little time in Bryant Park yesterday just people watching and sketching. I’ve come a long way with this type of sketching and have a long way to go still. I’m finally putting people and environments together in drawings. I need to do more of this. I…

NYC Store Front

While I was roaming The Met’s bookstore I found this book. It is a book of photographs of various types of stores that, once upon a time, made up almost all of NYC’s facades. I thought this would be a great reference book. I can draw various store fronts as practice as well as learn…

Urban Sketching

I found a group here in New York called the Urban Sketchers and when my schedule allows I go and join them. They meet somewhere every Saturday and sometimes and additional mid-week day. I have found the group to be fun and supportive. They are a part of a global organization of Urban Sketchers. If…