The End of Dracula (or the beginning)

The Illustrator’s Heritage
with Professor Vincent DiFate

Final Presentation and Critique

I have finished and presented my black and white work for Dracula. This piece was done on clay board and painted with black ink. I then scratched the artwork back to the white board with a variety of different tools. Here is the final work followed by some of the critique. I agree with all of it although I’m not sure I could see it before I finished it.

Dracula sm   So, Professor DiFate praised me for doing about 15 assignments worth of work. This however was followed up by a super-truth. I did too much. The work is very busy and has quite a few elements to it.

The teacher (and now I) felt like the work would have benefited from editing. I could loose the wolves and most of the trees and it would be a stronger piece. He also made a good point that as an illustrator, I have to maximize my time vs. output since no matter how simple or complicated, the paycheck is the same.

I would go one further. What is the simplest way to tell a story? Simple is what will be most clear to your audience. I think that as an intermediate beginner, there is a tendency to overdo a project and to try and stuff as much into it as possible. Over time and with experience, maybe that will change? Hopefully soon. Thanks for reading. More to come soon.

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