I am working on a book cover for my Illustrator class. Illustrator is an Adobe program that uses vector based shapes to build an image. I started with a sketch followed by a color comp in gauche. I created a layer with the painting scan and then started building the final in Illustrator on a layer on top of the painting. Below you can see the progress.


The above screen shot shows my painting of the image with the circuit card built in the program. Here, the chin is digital and the top of the head is painted. Pretty cool, huh? In the image below you can see the gold bars and box, built in the computer over the original gauche painting. Don’t believe me, check out the third image with the painting turned off. That third image also has the rest of the head and the two parts of the Enigma machine built as well. I also built the text in the program. Those aren’t actual typed letters, building them was one of the requirements of this assignment.


This project is fun and it is a great book. I’ll update this once I have worked out the rest. Thanks.

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