Oil Painting

Let’s start off strong. I am taking a class called Materials and Techniques: Mixed Media. What this means is painting a classmate from reference photos. I chose my friend Colby as he does a weekly podcast and I thought it would be fun to illustrate him as a crazy radio host. He was kind enough to allow me to head to his house and take a lot of reference photos of his studio/bedroom and several of him posing for me with all the accoutrement of todays podcast producer.

To start, we had to provide rough sketches for an idea.


After doing several ideas, I came up with this as the chosen pose. The next step was to take the photo reference and then create a finished line drawing on paper.


After that, we prepped a smooth coat of gesso on a wood MDF board. The painting will be 20″x30″. The next step is to transfer the drawing to the board and then use graphite to make it a tonal drawing.

I started with him and then added a toned background. I used an eraser to pull highlights back to the white gesso ground. After that I spray sealed it with Crystal Clear to protect the drawing so I could paint over and not loose it. Once the clear coat was dry I used Burnt Umber to lay a middle tone down.


Next I started laying in the tones in pure grayscale. I started with his face and this is as far as I have gotten. I’ll spend the whole semester on this one project. It’s gonna be good.


Once again, Thanks for checking in. More to follow soon.

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