Three new works

Here are some works from various classes over the past few weeks. First is my final for Principles of Illustration II. It is portraying the sin of greed via Bernie Madoff (scumbag). I’ve posted various stages of this one but this is the final due Monday.


Next is the final for my Perspective class. It is illustrating the Mohawk Iron Workers who come down from the reservation to work high steel construction here in NYC. The article we read noted that many are buried with cross headstones made from girders and I ran with that idea. Due Tuesday.


And finally, my color theory class has been working on a black and white value version of a photograph we took two weeks ago. I still need to add the lettering on the tubes of paint but other than that, it is finished. I have another week before I have to turn this in.


That’s it for now! Thanks.

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  1. Audrey says:

    I especially like the last entry


  2. AnnieEdge says:

    Holy shmegeggies! I just stumbled on these posts now… what wonderful work you’re doing, Nicky! I am so happy for you. I took some drawing and painting classes at the New School some years ago, mostly with Peter Garfield, and I wish I could do them all of the time! So thrilled to get a peep into this journey of yours, thanks for sharing.


  3. Jane Robertson says:

    I Love your work Nicholas!


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