Just A Quickie

I started the second semester of school two weeks ago. Here is our first assignment in Principles of Illustration 2. We had to find three articles from the news that address one of the seven deadly sins. First is my small rough sketches of a few ideas. Then I blew up the three best ones. I chose Gluttony, Greed and Pride. Below are my rough sketches.

Assignment 001 Small

The articles I chose were about the NY State Big Soda Ban, Trump and how he is affecting the Republican Debates and Bernie Madoff and how his pyramid scheme worked. Ultimately, I chose the Madoff article because I hate people who destroy other peoples lives. He is disgusting. But anyway, here is the blowup of my sketch.

Greed Small

This week we had to refine the drawing with tracing paper. That is what I accomplished today. Here is the next step.

Madoff Small

I’m not sure if it a good enough likeness for class. I’ll find out on Monday.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Ruth Keslake says:

    Going back to November. I love the foreshortening of the legs and I think the pastel drawings are lovely. What a great model.


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