The rest of the week. of November 9th.

This was a good week. I feel like I’m getting more out of my posed figures.

These are from my anatomy class. The first was a 40 minute pose from Friday last and the second is from three days ago. It was a two hour pose broken into 20 minute sections. There are some things I’m pretty happy with about it. It’s a good triangle composition and the figures seem solid and grounded.

IMG_2598  IMG_2649

Next is my fun Friday class. For these first four we had a grab bag of materials and the teacher would call out for us to switch media every couple of minutes. They are all 20 minute poses. The first ten minutes was form and blocks of shape and the second ten minutes was line work. I think my favorite is the bodiless legs.

IMG_2599 IMG_2602 IMG_2601 IMG_2600

Last Friday we started to work in ernest with color. I’m using oil pastels on colored paper. This was pretty fun. I have to do one of these for homework this week from photos of the model.

IMG_2676 IMG_2677 IMG_2678

These are from my Wednesday class. I haven’t posted much from this class. It’s been a pretty much straight forward drawing class. However, the drawings seem to be getting more interesting. We are finally into ink in this class. It’s very hard to get into faces in such short poses but I’m getting there. I think all of these were 40 minute poses.

IMG_2641 IMG_2642 IMG_2643

And finally, I just finished my homework for this class as well. We were supposed to do a drawing in this same style. It feels very much like I’m picking up or showing a “me” style. Not sure if I run to it or try experimenting away from it? We will see what’s to come.


As always, thanks for checking this out.

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  1. Audrey says:

    Wow- busy week!


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