Alice in Wonderland II continued

I spent most of Thursday inking my Alice in Wonderland project. I actually started over entirely and it feels a lot cleaner and more refined. I went away from the dry brush and just stuck to dip pen work. I still have to shade the cups which will hopefully bring the focus down lower. That will be a project for this week. This is going to be a rough week. There are a lot of large homework assignments and a History of Modern Art midterm next Monday and five days of shows this week. I’m trying to stay ahead. So far it looks like I may be able to sprint to Thanksgiving and just make it.

Here is my Spanish dormouse. He needs a tail but he’s pretty damn cute!


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  1. Ruth Keslake says:

    Well, I don’t know where to begin as I haven’t left a comment for a long time. I think the Alice poster is a wonderful design. I love the way you have taken the cat off the page allowing the viewer to get the impression of the mass of the cat. I enlarged the mouse to see all the wonderful detail you have given him. The arched teacups remind me of a cathedral, so creating the feeling of smallness of the cat. Well done Nick, I really like it. Love Mum


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