It’s been too long!

Sorry for the delay. It turns out that school is a time intensive activity! I’m going to change the way I do this blog which should allow me to post easier. As I do assignments at home or in class I’m just going to take a photo and then post them. That will be easier that scanning and cropping and all the crap I was doing before. Here is my second weeks worth of stuff.


I had to draw a friend. Mr. Bob Miller, a spot light operator at Something Rotten was kind enough to pose for me. I was trying to create depth by making the left hand and foot a little larger. It almost worked. It sort of looks like him but mostly doesn’t.




Each week we have to draw two drawings from our commute in our sketchbooks. This past weekend, I traveled to Charlotte, NC to see Mary in her musical Lunch at the Piccadilly (excellent job baby!) and thought it would be fun to do this weeks drawings from inside the air plane. This is the one I did on the ride home while waiting to take off.


One of my teachers (Professor Cabuay) is having us draw figures inside random shapes. It’s actually really cool and you end up with something you may never do otherwise. One of the many reasons I went back to school was to try and loosen up my style and control. This teacher is focused on these skills particularly and I am so thankful for him. This one was homework. We had to do a drawing from a page out of a catalogue. I really like the dog and her right foot.


Another drawing from the same class. This time from the live model.


This is from the same class with the same model as above. This time we were blocking in shadow with minimal use of line. I find this hard and need to practice more of it. It is fundamental for comic book art.


My Wednesday Teacher, Professor Zivanic, had us cover the page with black charcoal and then use white charcoal and eraser to pull out the highlights. It is incredible how this changes your drawing skills so quickly.





And finally, my anatomy class with Professor Gardner. I have come to a fundamental understand of myself. I am an anatomy nerd. I love studying and drawing it. It is crazy that I think it is so much fun. Our assignment was to draw the upper torso and color it with colored pens or pencils on 14″x17″ paper. Then to lay a tracing paper over and draw the Pectoralis Major and the Deltoid where they attach onto and lay over the skeleton. I painted the skeleton with Gouache paint and then got some liquid friendly transparency paper to paint the muscles onto. I put these all in a large portfolio so that you could flip the pages and see the underlying structures.

Whew! That was a busy week. Glad to be back here though. Thanks for reading!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Audrey says:

    Love the woman and dog- so cool! Would love to hear more about the process next time we chat!


  2. Ruth Keslake says:

    I love the way you have used the window as a template. I have enhanced this and can see how much detail you have included in your composition. So much detail with simplicity. Wonderful.

    I really like your charcoal. I did a similar compisition in my drawing classes at Citrus. However, we covered the canvas with charcoal and then removed the darkness with a kneeding eraser. Your highlights are much brighter than mine were because they are white chalk.

    Loved my time in NY with you, even if short. Love, love, love, Mum


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