My first day of class

Today I had my first day of classes at FIT. I had a drawing class called Fashion Applications which is a basic drawing class. My other two classes are Basic Photography and History of Modern Art. It was a great day and I am tired but here is what I did in my drawing class.

First we started with a 10 minute drawing of a live model based on how we draw now. This was my drawing.

8_31_15 001

Next, we had 10 minutes to draw the model using a single continuous line without looking at the paper at all. It was pretty fun but as you can see, I was all over the place. I think it looks pretty cool though. You can see where I visited places more than once. I was amazed at how disjointed mine was compared to all of the rest of the class. Some people had drawings that were totally in one piece with everything pretty close to where it should be.

8_31_15 002

After that, we did a series of 10 minute drawings in which we had to keep the line going as if it was a string. We started with a single line, working across the figure, top to bottom. Later, we were allowed to move around without keeping one continuous line. Obviously, these are much better than my first drawing both in about every way. I actually really like the fourth one.

8_31_15 003 8_31_15 004 8_31_15 005 8_31_15 006 8_31_15 007

Finally, we did some 2 minute gesture drawings. Quick and fun. We tried to push the movement in the model’s pose. I became moderately more successful with each drawing. My scanner isn’t big enough so I had to piece this one together. All of these drawing were on 18″x24″ paper if that gives you a sense of their scale.

8_31_15 008C

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  1. Audrey says:

    So exciting Nick! I can tell you are going to have fun in this program:) Shannan says “Hi”, btw


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