FIT Orientation Week 00

Okay, so this week was my orientation week at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology). Going back to school was the whole point of starting this blog. I’m going to do my best to track my progress and have a good way of looking back at where my work was “once upon a time”.

I’ve been excited to start and have gone through a ton of emotions over the last week. Today I met with the other first year Illustration majors and we all got a welcome/pep talk/outline for the next few years by the Illustration Chair Ed Soyka. I found the whole thing to be inspirational as well as quelling many of the fears I’ve had over the past few weeks about this being the right choice for me and if I could handle it while I maintained my theatre work schedule over the next few years.

I am also looking at minor degree programs. My major is Illustration and I am looking at the Film & Media, English, Art History and the Creative Technology minors. For the Art History, I only need three more classes since I have a few classes transferring from my prior education. The others minors would mean five more classes plus any prerequisites that those classes need. Spread over multiple years, this seems manageable. I’m meeting with a counsellor tomorrow to discuss the possibilities.

On to the drawings. Orientation has kept me really busy but I managed to get a few pages done. As you may have seen in past posts, I like to draw from toys. Toys stay still and travel easily. I bought a few 1:6 scale guns and there are two on the first page. The doodles further down are just doodles but the four more “realistic” heads were drawn from other students as I was sitting in the library. The two flanking the girl on the computer are of the same guy with his hand in two different positions. The second page was more anatomy practice. I was working on legs and lower torsos from memory. I was also practicing draping “leeches” over and around cylinders to work on simple contours (like muscle over bones).

FIT 002 8_27_15 FIT 001  8_27_15

The next page is a page I did on a break between sessions. I did it while visiting the FIT museum. It is an excellent resource and it has comfortable benches to draw whatever is on display. Featured currently is an exhibition of designer clothing from various fashion capitals around the world. I drew a few of the ones I liked. The mannequins pose a challenge as their anatomy is totally generic. They have especially stiff and ill defined hands which really show in my drawings. I think the one on the right is a little too masculine but the others feel pretty good. I can’t wait to start classes and really learn something about fashion illustration. I have two classes focused on fashion this semester. Hopefully, I will post Mondays class work here on Monday night and I can start to get a baseline for where I am in relation to the material. Thanks for reading!

FIT 003 8_27_15

For anyone who actually read this far, I am going to look at better formats for this blog once I get a few weeks into classes. i think there is a way to have separate categories for each class as well as some sculpture I have been working on. Coming soon!

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  1. Audrey says:

    It’s funny, I like the dress on the right the best.


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