Heads and face practice

In my eternal quest to draw heads and faces better, I worked through a few pages. I tried to get some expressions out as drawing generic faces does become repetitive. I started warming up by practicing the male head in various positions on the first page. That lead to the top of the second page where I added hair to a few of the drawings. At the bottom of that page, I drew a few pictures of the same woman from photo reference with different expressions. They don’t really look anything alike but they were from the same model. Weirdly, each of them looks vaguely like the model enough to be a cousin or distant relative. If I ever have to draw a wedding scene, I can just draw the same person over and over and they will all look like they are from the same family. The final page is a different model but the same concept. Again, they look nothing alike. I actually like the last one. It’s like a character from some Japanime¬†cartoon. Faces are probably the hardest thing to get consistently accurate. Lots of practice to go.

Heads 001 8_15_15 Heads 002 8_15_15 Heads 003 8_15_15

One Comment Add yours

  1. Audrey says:

    I think those faces with different expressions seem pretty close- I would have assumed it was he same person if I saw them together….

    Looks like faces are tough!


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