Two posts in one day! I visited the New York Museum of Natural History yesterday. It is probably my favorite place to go and draw. There is SO MUCH great stuff there. The crowds are a little unruly but it teaches you patience as you wait for people to move out of the way. It also builds your sketch memory and allows a little freedom to work on the drawing from your imagination without looking at the object. I’ve drawn there several times but have never done the dinosaur hall as it is always packed. Yesterday however, I was feeling dinosaurs so I braved it.

Who doesn’t love the Tyrannosaurus Rex? I built the first drawing inside a cube to try and keep the height to depth to width ratio correct. Once I was finished, I outlined it with a 0.08 Copic marker. I don’t love the outlining with the pencil. To me it feels odd in contrast to the pencil. I know a lot of artists and styles that use outlines over sketches and it works brilliantly. It’ll be something to figure out in the future. Below the skull is the basic build of the T. Rex in shapes. I marked out the big bone locations.

AMNH 001 8_18_15

The second page is a skull set at ground level. Anything at head high or below tests your patience as people tend to stand right between you and whatever you are drawing…no matter what…constantly…even if they just told you how much they like your drawing. I felt like I got the proportions correct and the empty spaces actually feel empty. I threw that border around it and it seemed to make the drawing pop. A lesson learned. At the bottom of the page is an Allosaurus and then a Triceratops. I had to do some clean-up in Photoshop as these first two pages are back-to-back in my sketchbook and bled through in the scan. If you see stuff that looks erased digitally, you are not wrong.

AMNH 002 8_18_15

Finally, a Stegosaurus. It is from a small 1/20 scale toy that I picked up at the museum. I ended up doing this at work while I was on a short break. Gotta just keep drawing!

AMNH 003 8_18_15


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Audrey says:

    Love these ones


  2. Russ Fujii says:

    The T-rex heads are great. Loved the NYC Natural History Museum when we were there last. You should check out the LA one next time you’re in town. Not as big as the NY one but the setup is amazing. You’ll still have the same issue of people getting in your way there though if you’re sketching. Keep drawing.


  3. Ruth Keslake says:

    It seems to me you are improving by leaps and bounds. Your sculpture/anatomy class has obviously taught you a lot. Love T-rex of course.


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