True Detective

I’ve been watching the new True Detective. If you haven’t seen any of it, it is a pretty great show on HBO. The first season was the best thing on TV last year. It also has the added bonus of being an eight episode season. Short and sweet. This season is running a fine line between being good and being a spoof of the noir genre but it is engaging and the actors are fantastic. Anyway, that’s my endorsement and the inspiration for todays post.

True Detective Orig Sm

I’m still working on likenesses but I feel pretty good about the tone and style of the drawing. It’s evokes the shows grittiness nicely. I also decided to do a color version.

True Detective Color Sm

I opened the drawing file in Photoshop and started with the idea of a duotone image. I chose the background color first and used the lasso to select areas of the drawing to change with Hue and Saturation. It ended up being five colors as I decided what I wanted to pull out and shade in the drawing. Finally, I adjusted the brightness and contrast to get the image I thought looked best. I think the colors ended up representing the feel of the show nicely.

As for the black and white image, I am a Photoshop beginner and I find that the hi-res scan has A LOT of multi-colored pixels around the line work that I have to select and delete. Maybe if I change it into a greyscale image and use the burn tool I can get a faster, better black and white version of the drawing? I’ll give that a shot the next time I need to get a purely black and white image. If you are reading this and have a good idea about how to accomplish that, I’d appreciate the Photoshop help as a comment. Thanks in advance.

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