NYC Store Front

While I was roaming The Met’s bookstore I found this book.


It is a book of photographs of various types of stores that, once upon a time, made up almost all of NYC’s facades. I thought this would be a great reference book. I can draw various store fronts as practice as well as learn a little about “old” New York. I chose this one to start with.


I liked the style, graffiti, brick and the general feel of the store (especially the awning and signage).

I started with blue line pencil and a straight edge to rough in the shapes and perspective. I drew some detail in with my usual 0.7 mechanical pencil and then went straight to a Kaimei brush pen. All of the black line is with the brush. After that I used my cool grey Copic markers to do a little shading. I kind of wish I hadn’t done any of the shading under the awning or any of the bricks with the black ink. To me, it doesn’t fit with the style of the rest of the line work. I do like how the brush can give you the sketchy, faded quality though so I will try to find  really good place to use that technique some time. And here it is.

Jade Mountain

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