Urban Sketching

I found a group here in New York called the Urban Sketchers and when my schedule allows I go and join them. They meet somewhere every Saturday and sometimes and additional mid-week day. I have found the group to be fun and supportive. They are a part of a global organization of Urban Sketchers. If this sort of thing interests you, they are a great group. The day usually starts at 10am, lunch at noon or 1pm, draw until around 3pm and then retire to a local eatery for snacks and drink and a roundtable sharing of the work done that day. On Saturday, August 1st they met outside of the newly renovated St. Patrick’s Cathedral on 5th Avenue at 50th Street. Sadly, I was working and wasn’t able to meet them but I went on my dinner break and used their location as inspiration. I only had an hour but I certainly laid down A LOT of detail. I did the initial drawing with a Copic 0.25 Multiliner. I spent a little extra time after building up the tower on the left and adding shading and some darker lines with a Copic 0.7 Multiliner. The size of the building got away from me (it’s taller than you realize) so I need to return and paste a second piece of paper on top and finish it. Maybe I will and maybe I won’t.

Urban Sketching
Urban Sketching

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