Metropolitan Museum of Art

On August 6th I took a trip up to the Met Museum. I spent a very pleasant day wandering around with no particular aim other than to do some drawing and see some art. There are always a few great exhibits and the permanent collection is endless.

At the beginning of my visit I found an exhibition of facial expressions in drawing. As one of my goals is to practice drawing more faces, I spent quite a bit of time in those rooms. I warmed up by copying a William Hogarth drawing of an actor playing Richard III. You can see that I wanted to try and get a better and more accurate expression in the eyes and did bit that over. The red line is a Prismacolor Col-Erase Tuscan Red pencil. I don’t use it a lot but I should. It always seems to make your drawing look better than it is. After I lost the sharp point I switched to my standard 0.7 mechanical pencil. It’s harder to get varying line thicknesses and shades but it doesn’t break in my backpack like almost every other pencil I have ever carried.

MET_Hogarth_8_15 sm

The rest of that room had paintings and drawings, some of which I sketched. The room joining had an exhibition of photographs in which a subject was probed with electrical stimulus to manipulate various facial muscles. The drawing of the man with the mustache was one of those photographs. I think I’m going to try and hit that room again next week. It was interesting and filled with great subjects to draw.

MET_8_15 sm

After that experience, I went wandering with no particular agenda. I ended up in the modern art wing (as I and many other visitors almost always do). I copied the bodies in two Gustave Courbet paintings and then found an unfinished sculpture (or a mock-up of a larger piece) by Rodin to draw. The interaction of the two figures caught my eye.

MET _8_15A sm

And that was my day at The Met.

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  1. Margaret Dixon says:

    Nicholas, I think your drawings and sketches are amazing.


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