Camero Drawing 7/28/15


I started off today with some photo pose reference via Pinterest. I’ve found that athletes are the best pics to draw from, especially martial arts pictures. You get good movement and poses. You can see that I’m in the process of learning anatomy. There is some accurate and some inaccurate stuff here. The top drawing’s back leg looks wrong to me. The head of the second drawing could just be in a better position.

Kung Fu 001

After the warm-up I switched to still life. I have this cool toy Camero SS I bought from a RiteAid for drawing purposes. It looks like a pretty accurate toy. The drawing looks okay as a birds eye view and I opened the door to try that perspective. It’s pretty basic. Maybe I’ll color it when I get more time. It looks to me that the front wheel perspective is pretty close but the back is off. It looks like the back axle is snapped about a third of the way across. I have drawn a few cars before and I really like the mechanicalness of them. I have a toy pickup trunk I’ll try next week.

Camero 001

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