My first post!

So, I have decided to start a blog about my art life. I’m a stage hand in New York City but am returning to school, Fall of 2015, to learn about Illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). I draw on my own quite a bit and take occasional classes at the Art Students League here in New York. As I develop projects both at school as well as on my own I am going to post them here. Feel free to comment (especially if you have critiques) on the work. I have a fairly thick skin and believe that everything I do here is just a path to better work later on. My primary interest is in comics and graphic novels but I’m more than willing to follow any path that I find interesting along the way. I’m excited to start this journey. Thanks for checking in.

My first piece is something I did the other day. There is a fairly famous Captain America: Annual (Issue 8 if you care) comic book cover by Mike Zeck. I remember it being one of the coolest covers I ever saw as a kid. I was thinking it would be fun to reverse the rolls. Instead of Wolverine attacking Captain America, I thought it would be fun to have Cap taking the offensive. So here it is.


There are some anatomy things I’m still not happy with and I need to do a lot of work on faces in general but as a intermediate beginner, I don’t feel too bad about it. I learned a ton while working on it so that was reason enough to do it.

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